Saturday, February 10, 2007

Le Phildar Cable Yoked Sweater est finis!

I'm so pleased!! It fits perfectly, after I lengthened the hem 3 inches... I'm wearing it out today- and I can't wait for someone to mention it :) hee hee.

Phildar Cable SweaterFullFront

Cabled Yoke Detail:
phildar cable sweater front

phildar cable sweater back

I don't think I ever imagined making a real sweater- especially from a french pattern company (although I did have help from a wonky english translation).

I used Caron Simply Soft Tweed, probably 8 skeins, and size 5 boyd needlemaster needles. I also did all of the cables using a bent paperclip :) Genius is the mother of invention..


Friday, February 09, 2007

And so the end becomes the middle..

I did it!! Well, I started to do it, and it's working. After consulting several resources online, I figured out how to pull out my cast on and pick up stitches WITHOUT twisting them, and I've already added 1.5 inches to my Phildar Cabled Yoke Sweater- invisibly. I was especially pleased when I asked weston where HE thought the former bottom of the sweater was and he didn't have any idea- and he was actually looking at it :)

The in-laws are coming to town sat/sun, and we're going to the IKEA in burlington- I can taste the meatballs already :) AND I hope to wear my new sweater then :)

Also, I should look for the camera cord, because frankly- blog postings without photos are kinda bland.

Monday, February 05, 2007


Joanne and I went on a yarn shopping expedition in the snow on saturday. We had been planning it since our christmas shopping on elmwood was in danger of "shopping for gifts for ourselves" and it was great. Sadly Jill was not there, but we both walked away with some great buys. I bought some merino/silk blended fingering weight yarn which is hand-dyed a deep purple and blue, and a lace weight skein of merino in the deep purple. LOVE THEM. So, despite the fact is was snowing sideways, and there was zero visibility, I decided that I needed to go to Barnes and Noble and find a pattern book. I walked away with "Domino Knitting" and it's a great match for my self patterning yarn. I'm making a scarf (I think) and it's turning out pretty well. I LOVE the yarn, although I'm usually hesitant to buy yarn that self stripes, because I prefer solid colors and don't like unmatched stripes, but using this modular domino knitting, it creates a great/random effect.

My Phildar sweater hasn't changed much. I pulled out the "added" on hem because it looked messy, and I've decided I need a better reference book than my current Vogue Knitting- abridged version. I'm anxious to wear it- but, as they say Life gets in the Way.

Weston put in a new hot water tank sunday, and we went to a superbowl party- yum, swedish meatballs (imported from the Burlingon, ON, CA- IKEA!!) We had fun groaning at the game and commercials.. and the half time show- I mean, where did prince come from? Was Fergie busy or something? I realize he just won an award at the SAG, or was it Golden Globes? But it was for a theme song to some animated film I think- I don't think he's posed for a comeback anytime soon- although the electric turquoise suit and orange shirt would be a great new fashion trend. I hope the Fugster Girls comment on it- but it appears that they're covering NY fashion week- which is great, SP 07 fashion, and it's -20 degrees outside. When does that happen? Well, maybe NYC is slightly warmer- with the windchill it's only -12 degrees. :)