Friday, February 09, 2007

And so the end becomes the middle..

I did it!! Well, I started to do it, and it's working. After consulting several resources online, I figured out how to pull out my cast on and pick up stitches WITHOUT twisting them, and I've already added 1.5 inches to my Phildar Cabled Yoke Sweater- invisibly. I was especially pleased when I asked weston where HE thought the former bottom of the sweater was and he didn't have any idea- and he was actually looking at it :)

The in-laws are coming to town sat/sun, and we're going to the IKEA in burlington- I can taste the meatballs already :) AND I hope to wear my new sweater then :)

Also, I should look for the camera cord, because frankly- blog postings without photos are kinda bland.


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