Wednesday, July 19, 2006



So apparently, I've been missing since april- which isn't surprising because work got crazy and I'm just starting to see some vacation time. (yeah, it's the end of july- I know)

In the good news column though- our house is looking awesome. We built a patio and we have tomato plants and basil and peppers and parsley and I didn't kill any of the flowers and our porch is repaired and repainted and the kitchen is all fixed up and we managed to hang (all 4 pieces) all of our artwork on the walls.

And, I got accepted into the MBA program- so I'm another step closer to getting paid to do what I want (hopefully when I want :)

Knitting- I'm still working on that tendrils scarf- beaded knitting isn't very hard, I actually like it- but cabling takes longer than I prefer (perhaps because I don't use a cable needle?) There are several babies due in october and also my best friend's wedding in october also- so I have plenty of projects to keep me busy- I'll try really hard to resurface more often :)