Sunday, March 11, 2007

Phildar, part deux

I'm so pleased with my previous Phildar sweater that I'm going for another one. #23 Asymmetrical Sweater from Tendances Automne 06/07. It's K3P3 ribbed, with an off center button band and a high neck. I have some acrylic in my stash that's soft and I'm hoping to achieve something close to guage with it.

I also want to make the phildar swing jacket from this same issue, but I'm stuck on finding the right yarn for it. I think this project will keep me busy for a while. I'd like to use up the "cheap" yarns I bought when I first started knitting so that I can justify buying some nice stuff for future projects.

My husband and I are going to Ireland at the end of April also- so hopefully I can raid some yarn shops overseas and get some great stuff :)


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