Thursday, January 26, 2006


Last December, I saw U2 in concert- needless to say it was breathtaking, even from our nosebleed seats half behind the stage. I think my favorite part was when the entire arena was singing along- hearing that many people sing (almost) the same words was incredible.

This morning I have elevation stuck in my head-- oooooo, elevate my soul.... it's better with the band in the background :)

I just saw/read/devoured something that has completely inspired me- Eunny Knits and her deep V neck sweatervest done in intarsia fair isle with steeks!!! She has brilliant tutorials- and I'm so fascinated by the idea to CUT YOUR KNITTING IN HALF!! It's amazing- I really need to try it!!

Progress: I pulled the needles out of anouk- she hasn't unravelled yet, but I'm going to destroy her soon. The scarf for my sister is going ok- I had a brief moment of insanity where I thought I remembered the pattern well enough to not really read it through before working on it- I totally forgot the k2tog part at the center of each short rib row and suddenly the scarf was getting really wide- but it was a quick rip, and I'm back on track. Good thing too- If it's going to arrive in Italy before Feb 12th, I better get it finished soon!!


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